Online Dating and Safety - Online dating and safetyMake your DreamDateWorldWide experience as safe as it can be.

To make the most of your time on DreamDateWorldWide we encourage you to follow our basic safety tips below.

With anyone you meet (online or offline) your judgment and instincts will play a large part in protecting yourself from physical or mental harm and we recommend you should act with caution at all times until you get to know a person better.

Best judgement

DreamDateWorldWide regularly monitor account activities and investigate all complaints of unusual, inappropriate or falsified accounts and take action asap.

Always bear in mind that it possible for people to misrepresent themselves.  Assessing a member’s truthfulness and honesty is ultimately your responsibility.  Don’t ignore any facts that seem inconsistent. If you are not sure about any person or their conversation or traits, move on.

Safety should ‘always’ come first!

Trust in your instincts and remember that you always have control over any online situation. For example, if you’re talking to someone online, say, in a chat situation, or in a forum (or by phone) and they say any things that raise your suspicion, consider ending the conversation.

If you’re out on a date and you feel uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave. It should be accepted that you have told a friend of your whereabouts before meeting anyone for the first time… and other times after that!

There are many scams nowadays and you should always be aware that you could be on the receiving end.  Always remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

We suggest you get to know someone properly before giving out any of your personal details.

Your Account

When accessing your account from a public or shared computer, always use caution and be aware of your surroundings so that others are not able to view or record your password or other personal information. If you ever think that your account may have been breached, change the password immediately or contact us and we will scan and secure your account for you!

Here are some common risks that you should be aware of…

Beware of anyone who…

Immediately asks you to chat outside DreamDateWorldWide.  If you are a member, all chat and messaging is free so there is no need to go elsewhere to do this!

Always use our chat/messaging services to get to know someone first.  It’s what it’s there for! It allows you to chat with someone safely without giving any of your personal details.

Asks for money or any similar type of assistance.   Especially if you have never met in person. This is an immediate No No… yet still so many people, men and women fall for this scam.

Asks you to assist with personal transactions (depositing funds, shipping merchandise, etc). Again, another No No, and yet again, so many people get sucked into this situation. If any situation like this crops up, contact us immediately and we will take action!

Wants to rush a relationship along.  Always take potential relationships at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Tells you of a sudden personal crisis and pressures you into providing some form of assistance, especially financial.  Its just simply a No No!

Displays aggressive/controlling tendencies or asks inappropriate questions. Leave any contact sessions and block the person if this happens.

Makes claims that you are their “soul mate” or similar and that it was “destiny” or “fate” that led you to each other. You may be, but until you get to know them, you won’t know.

Requests your address (home or work) under the guise of sending flowers or gifts. Just say No!

Tells inconsistent or repetitive stories.

Gives vague answers to specific questions.

Dodges questions or is vague about marital status.

If you encounter any of the above please let us know and we will do our best to investigate the matter.

Never do any of the following…

  • Share financial information
  • Give out your credit card number or bank information
  • Share your social security number
  • Divulge your maiden name or any previous names
  • Divulge any other personal information that could be used to access your address or financial information
  • Send money to someone you have never met
  • Leave any personal effects unattended at any time with your date
  • Go home with someone, even if it feels like they are the chosen one

Sharing your personal information

At DreamDateWorldWide, we strongly encourage you to be cautious when sharing personal information that could reveal your identity.

Never include any of the following…

Your last name, email address, home address, telephone number or place of work.

at least, not until you have got to know the person well enough to trust them.

External URL’s (website addresses)

Beware of any messages that contain links to other websites, personal sites or any other sites.

Beware of links that click through to other dating sites.

Take your time

While you might want to get on and move forward as quickly as possible we recommend you take your time! Take everything at a pace that is best for you and which you are happy with.

We recommend you use the DreamDateWorldWide messaging service to find out as much information as is reasonably possible about any potential date, before using any external sources.

Taking a relationship to the next step

When the time comes to ring a potential date, we recommend you use your phones privacy feature to hide your number, just until you feel comfortable to allow the other person to know your number.

Always meet potential dates in a mutually agreeable ‘safe’ venue where both of you will have safety at the fore.

Don’t let high hopes cloud your ability to exercise reasonable caution.

Always use your own transport or arrange your own transport to go to any dates, even if this means public transport.

Never agree to be picked up at home and always tell at least one friend or family member about your meeting, including any times you are expecting to return. You can get them to ring you half way through of you want… this would also subtly let the other person know that you have backup.  You could arrange with a friend to ring them when you get there and when you leave.

Following these few basic guidelines will allow you to stay as safe as is possible both online and and at any date.



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