DreamDateWorldWide Membership benefits

All paid memberships at have full access with no limits. This means that as a paid member, regardless of what plan you are on, you have access to all areas of the site without any restrictions.

All members have unrestricted access to the following:

  • Start/read/reply to all chat messages
  • Start/continue any chat dialogs
  • Read/reply all incoming messages
  • Send/read/continue all private Messages
  • Start/read/continue any mail dialogsĀ 
  • View/upload/comment on any photos
  • Allow profile wall posts
  • Do unlimited Searches
  • View all profiles
  • Send/receive/view all gifts
  • Add blog posts
  • View/comment on blogs
  • Add/view/comment on Events
  • Subscribe/view/create/edit any Forums or topics
  • Send/receive friend requests
  • Allow group wall posts/create/view groups
  • Allow/read newsfeeds
  • Add/allow any status updates

New benefits to be added shortly