Our most commonly asked questions


Who is DreamDateWorldWide?

We are an online dating site with no gender barriers. We provide a free access level to the site and also many different levels of paid membership plans starting at just $5.

All our memberhip plans have full, unrestricted access to all areas of the site!


How much does it cost to join?

It is free to join the site and when you have joined, you can create your own profile and upload your images and do as many searches as you like. As a free member you can not access profile details. You have to Subscribe to do this and all subscribers, regardless of what plan they have subscribed to, have full unlimited access to all the site. Paid membership starts at just $6.99 per month, which has no contract period, so you can cancel any time you want, and there are a range of single payment options starting at just $5! All membership benefits can be seen here.


Do you accept all genders?

We accept all genders. The dating site joining process allows for male, female, TV/TS/TG/CD, androgyne, agender, asexual and couples. There are no extra benefits for any gender; all genders have the same level of membership, which is unrestricted and unlimited!


Do we do a monthly plan?

Yes we do… and it is only $6.99 per month. Even better, there is no minimum period you have to sign up for!  It’s just like your phone tariff… sign up, and whenever you feel like it, cancel your membership and you’re done!


Do you get full access with the monthly plan?

Yes!  All out memberhp plans include full, unrestricted acces!


Why is our site so cheap?

Online dating sites don’t have to be expensive! We have dated before ourselves and know only too well how expensive dating online can be. We are a dating site for our members, not for our pockets! We have set our membership costs at a price that we feel we would be comfortable paying and we think that if we would be happy to pay these amounts, then they should be acceptable to others!


What is the difference between a member and a subscriber?

Anyone who joins the site via the Join page is classed as a member. As a member, you can create your own profile and do as many searches as you like to see who’s near you but to contact other members you have to Upgrade your memberhip to ‘Subscriber’ which allows you full, unlimited, unrestricted access to all areas of the site, and any new services added in the future!


Is your privacy safe on our site?

Absolutely! We never give out any member details to other members or use your details for any purpose other than that associated with your account on the site for the purposes of meeting someone. We have a thorough privacy policy inplace and we are GDPR compliant for citizens of the EU.


Is any content censored?

We try to allow as much ‘appropriate’ content as possible but if something is clearly not suitable we will take action to remove it. We operate a zero tolerance policy against any pornography on the site or ‘inappropriate’ images and if anything of this nature is reported to us, we take immediate action to remove the offending content. Sometimes, the content may not be pornographic in nature and by ‘inappropriate’ we mean anything that might offend any of the other members on the site.

We are not here to police our members but reserve the right to hide, delete or modify unacceptable content added to the site. This includes any contant that contains information about anyone under adult age, any contant that might solicit contact from people under adult age and any content that could be considered as racist, or attack other groups or religions.
Read our terms of use for full details.


Can I pick my own password?

Yes, of course, simply go to your profile button at the top right of the page, click on ‘Profile edit’ and you will see the Change Password button at the top of your ‘Edit profile’ page.


Do I have to join to search?

No, you can search the site as many times as you wish without joining or setting up any profile but if you are serious about finding someone, it’s better to have a profile, then other members can see that you exist.


How does your dating site work?

We provide a safe, secure and anonymous way for people to find and communicate with other people.

As a visitor to the site you can do as many searches as you want to see who’s near you. You can’t enter the profiles until you subcribe. This protects our current subscribers.

If you decide to join, you go to the signup page and follow the simple process which takes about a minute. There are no long winded question asking processes, just the bare minimum to get your profile up and running and you can be in the site within a couple of minutes. After joining yu will be classed as a member.

When you upgrade your membership to ‘Subscriber’ using one of the many membership plans you then have unlimited, unrestricted access to all areas of the site. You can contact any other members as many times as you wish. When you see someone of interest, you can send them a message which gets sent to their ‘username’. They are then notified by email that they have received a new message. The message they receive is sent from your ‘username’ and at no time do either of you see each others real email addresses, which protects both parties privacy. The only time another member will find out your email addressm or any other personal information about you, is when you tell them!

We recommend that you read our guidelines for safe online dating here and here.


Are my personal details safe on your site?

Absolutely! Even when you have joined and subscribed, no other member sees any of your personal details – unless you tell them.

Regarding server security, we use the latest firewall and anti-virus and anti-malware software and implement other security features to keep all our data as safe as is possible.

We keep regular backups and these are managed in line with current legislation.

We are GDPR compliant and any EU Citizen has full control over the cookies that we use on the site. In fact, we feel so strongly about users privacy and choice that we offer the option to decline 3rd party cookies to everyone who uses our site!


I’ve forgot my password?

no problem, simply go to the Forgot Password page, enter your username and click ‘Go’. You will receive an email with details on how to reset your password.


How do I log out of the site?

You log out by hovering your mouse over your profile button (top right on every page) and then clicking on the ‘Sign out’ link at the bottom.


Can my profile be seen by users of other dating sites?

Your profile can’t be seen on other dating sites but anyone who comes to our site from any other dating site, either as a non logged in visitor, or as a member or subscriber, can see your profile. We do not share any of our members with other dating sites and do not accept any ‘swapping’ of profiles.


Will my profile remain on the site after my subscription ends?


Yes. Your profile will remain active on the site until you delete it.
After your subscription ends, your site access will revert to the basic ‘member’ level.