DreamDateWorldWide is an online dating site.

Among the many features we offer, there are three which particularly set us apart from all our contemporaries…

1. Memberships costs

At we keep all membership costs to the minimum possible. With our fixed period membership plans, there are no ongoing charges, no buying extra credits and no upgrades needed. It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, you will have full, unlimited, unrestricted access to all areas of the site, and any new ones added in the future!

For our monthly payment plan, we offer one affordable plan at the cheapest rate possible and we offer a ‘no minimum period’ contract, just like your mobile phone tariff! You can join our site and if you don’t like us 🙁 you are free to move on without any problems… simply cancel your membership and you’re done!

2. Full, unlimited, unrestricted access

At there are no limited membership plans! So many sites still offer cheap membership plans but these are usually restricted in some way… For example, you can only message 2 members a day, you can only do 10 searches per day, you can only look at 5 profiles etc.

We do not do ‘limited’ memberships! All our paid membership plans include full, unrestricted, unlimited access to all areas of the site!

3. Site transparency

At DreamDateUK, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

We strive to provide as many member details as possible and guarantee that the details we provide are genuine and true. On each profile you will see full details of that member including when they joined and even the last time they logged on.

There are just two levels of access at…

Free access

This access allows you to join as any member would do and do as many searches as you wish to see who lives near you or to see all the different people we have on site but as a non-subscribing member, you can’t access any of these people until you subscribe. This protects our existing members.

Paid access

If you have subscribed to a membership plan, you are a paid member. Occasionally, we may offer free membership plans. If you have subscribed to one of these plans, you are still a member and as such, will have all the rights that any other member has… Full unlimited access!

Whether the membership plan was free or paid is irrelevant; if you are a subscribed member of, you will have full, unrestricted access to all features available on the site without any limits.

At DreamDateWorldWide we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.  We also firmly believe in online safety both for ourselves and our members and do our very best to protect all our members from dishonest and decietful intentions, spam and any other unwanted attention.